SPEDCO Economic Development Foundation

The SPEDCO Economic Development Foundation was founded in 2006. Its mission is to promote economic development across SPEDCO’s service territory of Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

All activities of the SPEDCO Foundation support SPEDCO’s mission to promote economic development within the small business community and to create job growth. The Foundation primarily funds organizations that demonstrate a commitment to the creation of jobs.

Bricklayer Career Pathway Pilot Program is to develop a program model and training curriculum that successfully prepares low-skilled, unemployed or underemployed workers to attain good jobs with family-supporting wages in this in-demand career pathway. The initial program will train 15 individuals.

Small Business Clinic is putting adults to work by creating clusters of self-employment, and development of and support of a Spring Job Fair to showcase job opportunities in the Walker, Hackensack, Akeley area.

Go Service, a credentialed hospitality training program, provides low-income adults with a 10-week, 90-hour training program training focused on the service industry, including hotels, call centers, business front office and administration centers, and medical facilities/information centers. Go Service instructors provide job placement assistance and all participants meet weekly with their coach to monitor progress and goals, as well as to identify needed support services.